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Mindfulness for Clinicians: An 8-week Intensive Course
UW-Madison – UW Madison Continuing Studies 
Thursdays, March 28 – May 16, 8:30-10:30am CT, live online over Zoom

This 8-week intensive course is for clinicians who want to incorporate mindfulness into their own lives to be more present, effective, and stable in their work, and to develop more confidence in applying mindfulness principles and tools with their patients (clients, students, staff). The course is appropriate for experienced practitioners as well as those with no experience in mindfulness or meditation.

We learn a specific aspect of mindfulness each week. By the end of the 8 sessions you will have a clear understanding of the core components of mindfulness. Each class includes short teachings, experiential practice, and discussion. We will practice being present, curious, kind and accepting of ourselves and each other, as we learn this tool, and the atmosphere of the class will be relaxed and open. Between class, assignments will include daily meditation practices, journaling, and specific informal ways to apply mindfulness in your life and your work.

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Unlearning Internalized Misogyny

Workshops Unlearning Internalized Misogyny

In this 2-part LIVE online Zoom webinar, we zero in on how our minds are conditioned by patriarchy to disempower ourselves, become trained “to other”, and keep ourselves small and cut off from our wisdom and authentic self. These oppressive habits, though “normal”, breed chronic stress, self-doubt, anxiety, and depression, and are part of feminism’s unfinished work as we continue to evolve towards gender equality.

Through brief lecture, guided practices, reflections, sharing in break-out groups and discussion, we review the core principles of mindfulness practice, and identify our internalized misogynistic beliefs and behaviors. You will take away specific practices to gain inner stability and freedom from “othering” to build trust in your authentic self. No prior meditation experience is required, this workshop is appropriate for all levels of experience.

Dates TBD – Two Part Workshop, total of 6 hours.  

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