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Mare Chapman philosophyAs human beings, I believe we’re essentially trustworthy beings for ourselves. We long to be our true selves and want to grow in the direction of our health and well-being. Though our mind, heart, body, and spirit give us information that can help us evolve towards this, habits of conditioning get in the way. Without realizing it, we internalize the messages of our culture and world. This biases our perception of reality, creates painful beliefs that limit us, and blocks access to our natural wisdom and inner knowing. Yet, always beyond our conditioning is the intelligence, compassion, stability, and goodness of our true nature. My primary job then, is to help you access your own truth and healing wisdom, understand, and accept yourself, and develop the confidence that who you authentically are is enough.

Although conditioning distorts our views about race, class, ethnicity, and gender, I believe gender may be our deepest bias. Internalizing the misogynistic and sexist messages inherent in patriarchy is a root cause of many serious mental health problems. Women are conditioned to disconnect from their authenticity, negate themselves, and give their power away to others. This creates deep patterns of insecurity, self-loathing, perfectionism, anxiety, and depression. Men are conditioned to disconnect from their emotional selves, curb their relational abilities, and form beliefs that keep them caught in stress, anxiety, and depression.



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