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The purpose of mindfulness is to free our minds from their conditioned habits so we can perceive reality clearly and access our true nature. It trains our mind to be our friend instead of our enemy. Mindfulness is healing, empowering and builds confidence in handling life’s challenges.

Mindfulness for Women: The Freedom to Be Our Authentic Selves

We all long to be authentic and loved. Yet as women we internalize the misogynistic messages inherent in our patriarchal society. This conditions us to believe we’re not enough, something’s wrong with us, we don’t matter.  So we habitually focus our attention on others, tending to their needs, striving to be pleasing and perfect in hopes of winning their approval so we feel loved and accepted. In doing so, we discount our own experience, and lose ourselves in relationships. This habit of “othering” creates insecurity, self-doubt, stress, chronic anxiety, and depression. Mindfulness frees us from these conditioned habits, heals our relationship with our self, restores trust in our inner authority, brings health and balance to our relationships, and empowers us to be authentically ourselves.

The Foundation Class, Practice Circles, Retreats and Workshops all focus on cultivating freedom from internalized misogyny and coming to know that we all matter and are always enough.

Suggested Reading: “Unshakeable Confidence, The Freedom to Be Our Authentic Selves: Mindfulness for Women,” by Mare Chapman. 


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