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Individual sessions can be in-person (2002 Atwood Ave, Room 214) or remote over Zoom.
Most classes are remaining remote.
Hello and welcome to my website.
I offer mindfulness-based psychotherapy, interactive guided imagery, and classes in mindfulness meditation in Madison, Wisconsin. The basic view I hold in doing this work is that we are all essentially trustworthy beings for ourselves, and we each have amazing wisdom within us. So my primary job then, is to help you learn how to access your own truth and healing wisdom.
Beyond traditional talk therapy, I work with the mind, heart and body to:
  • Train your mind to be your friend, not your enemy
  • Transform old patterns that cause stress and suffering 
  • Access your intuition, wisdom and compassion
  • Develop a kind, accepting relationship with yourself
  • Tap into your natural healing energy 
  • Develop inner stability and security
  • Learn to trust your own experience and authority
  • Find more ease, joy and delight in being your true self


Announcing Mare’s First BOOK!
The Freedom to Be Our Authentic Selves: Mindfulness for Women 

Check out the dedicated Book website

"I don’t trust myself and I always worry about what others think of me.”

With astounding clarity, Mare Chapman identifies the gender conditioning women receive from the moment the doctor exclaims, “It’s a girl!”  Based on Chapman’s ‘Mindfulness for Women’ course, this warm and practical book guides the reader through an intimate journey, showing how women form disempowering beliefs that cause them to lose themselves in relationships, and how to regain connection with their true selves through mindfulness. The ultimate destination is unshakeable confidence: the deep, stable inner trust to handle whatever is happening—the awful, hard, seemingly unbearable things in life, as well as the outrageously amazing and wonderful.


“Highly recommended for any woman who feels stuck with insecurity.”
–Sharon Salzberg, author of Lovingkindness and Real Happiness

“With kind expertise, Mare Chapman teaches mindfulness with an eye toward gender equity, guiding the reader toward more ease, empowerment and freedom. This special book is so needed for women, especially at this time!”
–Tara Brach, author of Radical Acceptance and True Refuge

“Every so often a book comes along that has the potential to change your life…Unshakeable Confidence reflects the author’s profound understanding of the roots of women’s suffering and provides a wise and practical guide to rediscovering self-love. A pure gem of a book!”
–Dale M. Kushner, author of The Conditions of Love


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