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Women’s Winter Insight Meditation Retreat
​December 11, 2021, Live On-Line

Even though the pandemic is calming down and thankfully more people are vaccinated, there is still uncertainty about the safety of large indoor gatherings for extended periods of times, like our annual 3-day retreat at Holy Wisdom Monastery. So, given the conditions that exist, and knowing that everyone needs to feel safe as we practice together, this year’s Women’s Retreat will again be offered Live on-line over Zoom instead of in-person.

Practicing together for a full day creates an opportunity to deepen connection with ourselves, become more aware of those conditioned habits and reactions that cause distress and disconnect us from our authentic self and True Nature. Though we won’t be physically together, Zoom will allow us to see each other and gain the sense of connection and support as we practice throughout the day.

Our retreat on Saturday, December 11, will begin at 9:00 am and end at 4:30 pm CT. After an opening welcome and space to set intentions for the day, we will alternate between sitting meditation and moving-walking meditation.  Cecily Frederick will guide us through gentle yoga as an alternative to walking meditation. At noon we will practice eating our lunches mindfully, followed by a dharma talk from Mare.  After another round of moving and sitting meditations, we’ll practice the Loving Kindness (Metta) meditation. With opportunities to ask questions or add comments in the morning and afternoon, we will complete the day by setting intentions for what we want to take forward into our lives, followed by the ritual of embedding that intention in our own Red String.

Please register by no later than November 24 to receive your Red String and all retreat materials, via regular mail, in time for the retreat.



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