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Imagery is a natural way we think and a skill we all possess.  When we’re daydreaming, worrying, remembering, planning, or praying we’re thinking in images. Imagery’s language is our senses: visual, auditory, kinesthetic, smell and taste. Used therapeutically, Interactive Guided Imagery is a method for intentionally tapping into the mind-body-heart’s healing intelligence through the power of our imagination. Its usefulness is unlimited:

  • Help the body heal from illness, disease, and trauma.
  • Manage and transform pain. 
  • Successfully navigate difficult medical procedures, including surgery.
  • Heal and transform psychological wounds.
  • Change painful mental patterns.
  • Discover the messages underlying painful emotions.
  • Heal unmet needs arising from childhood.
  • Find guidance from your inner self and the transpersonal realm.
  • Access your intuition and wisdom.

The process involves first establishing a clear intention for what you want to learn or heal, and being guided into a more relaxed, receptive inner space. Then, by opening with curiosity and mindful awareness to the images that naturally arise, your imagination leads you to the answers you’re seeking.  Through dialogue I gently guide and support you to remain receptive to the images your wise mind-body-heart system offers.

Guided imagery is empowering and effective. On the psychological realm it can be deeply healing in a myriad of ways. I’ve also witnessed many people with life-threatening illness, debilitating chronic pain, difficult side effects and medical procedures positively transform their experiences through imagery.  In my own life I’ve used imagery to heal a badly torn knee, a severely broken leg, and successfully manage surgery and chemotherapy for cancer with minimal side effects.

Although an ancient modality, imagery is now recognized by western medicine as a powerful tool used in integrative medicine, and many studies validate its efficacy.

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