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Mindfulness for Women: The Freedom to Be Our Authentic Selves
Transforming Self-Doubt into Unshakeable Confidence

We all long for the inner freedom of being authentic and finding our true self.  It’s a basic and vital human need. But as women, societal conditioning causes us to internalize the misogynistic messages inherent in patriarchy and we come to believe, deep down, that we’re not enough, or there’s something wrong with us. Consequently, we focus our attention habitually on others as we strive to be perfect, pleasing, and meet their needs, all in hopes of winning their validation and approval.  As a result, we discount our own experience and lose track of ourselves in relationships. This pattern of “othering” leaves us not knowing or trusting ourselves, and naturally breeds insecurity, self-doubt, stress, anxiety and depression.

Mindfulness is intended to free the mind from its conditioned habits so we can access our authentic experience and come to trust the wisdom of our true nature. It corrects and heals our relationship with ourself, and brings health and balance into our relationships with others. Through practicing mindfulness, both formally through meditation and informally as we live our lives, we learn to relate to our present moment experience with kindness and respect, build self-acceptance and trust in our own inner authority, and gradually build confidence in knowing that being authentically who we are is always enough.

All classes are now held LIVE online over Zoom (CST). For more information please read “Unshakeable Confidence, The Freedom to Be Our Authentic Selves: Mindfulness for Women,” by Mare Chapman, 2017.

Foundation Class 

In this 10-session course we will learn the basic principles and methods of mindfulness and apply them to the various habits of “othering” in order to restore connection with our trustworthy and wise authentic self. Class is a combination of brief lecture, meditation instruction, practicing together, reflection, and discussion. “Ownwork” practice between each session is strongly encouraged.  Each class focuses on a different aspect of mindfulness and how to apply it to our various habits of “othering”. This class is appropriate for all levels of experience, and no previous familiarity with mindfulness is required.



Practice Class

For women who have completed the Foundation Class, feel confident in their understanding of the basic methods of mindfulness, realize the core ways our minds are conditioned to “other” in the patriarchy, and want to go deeper with the support of like-minded women.  In this 15-session class we will delve further into applying mindfulness to cultivate increasing freedom from othering, learn to work more skillfully with difficult emotions, and expand connection with our authentic selves.  Class is a combination of appropriate readings, meditating together, reflection and discussion.



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