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As women our gender conditioning trains us to discount our own experience, give our power away to others, strive to be pleasing and perfect, and depend on others for validation and approval.  This habit of “othering” breeds self-doubt, anxiety and depression.  Through mindfulness we learn to relate to our authentic experience with respect and kindness, build self-acceptance and trust in our own authority, and gradually build unshakeable confidence in being our authentic selves.


Foundation Class 

In this 9-session class we will learn the basic principles and methods of mindfulness. We will then apply the practice to the various habits of “othering” in order to restore connection with our trustworthy and wise authentic self.  For new and experienced meditators.  Includes the Day of Mindfulness on March 31.

The Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning classes are full.



Practice Class

For women who've taken the Foundation class and feel confident in understanding the basics of mindfulness practice. In this 9 session class, we'll go deeper into applying the practice to find more freedom from "othering" and to expand and deepen our connection and confidence in being our authentic selves. Includes the Day of Mindfulness retreat on March 31. Choose daytime or evening class. Fee is $175.

The Tuesday afternoon class is now full.



Day of Mindfulness Retreat

We’ll practice sitting, walking and eating meditation, all in “noble silence”, and complete the day with the Loving Kindness Meditation (guided). Open to all genders and to anyone who would like this opportunity to deepen their practice. Held in the Quarry Arts Building, 715 Hill Street, Madison. Fee:$30. 


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